To meet the needs of self-looking for documents and improve the quality of learning for students. On October 2th, 2012 The Executive Board of Faculty made a decision to establish a Self-Study area. It is located on the second floor of block A2. In the future, it will serve for students with functions and operations:


♦ Improving self – awareness, positive patience of students in the learning process.
♦ Helping students improve their knowledge after hours of theory and practice.
♦ Training students to have a habit of thinking and become confident to solve problems independently.
♦ Strengthening and improving the skills – tricks that can apply in clinical by the combination of science between “learning” and “practicing” through the process of self-study.
The scenery outside of self-study area
Students can study in the best conditions
The Library of Faculty


The Unit will support students in the two following main fields:

1/ The space for self- searching documents. The documents include:

+ The articles, Journals, Specialized books,… (students can register to borrow and read on the spot).

+ The online media such as Internet… (students must register before using).

2/ The equipment implements techniques that apply in clinical

With this section, students must register in groups with the following rules:

+ A group of 4 members, including 1 leader. The team leader will be responsible for registering for their group and preserving equipment they have borrowed..

+ You can use the registration form (receive at unit’s guidance room or register via Faculty’s website a week in advance).

+ For ease of registration, student must refer the topic of self-study techniques via Faculty’s website before registering.

+ The unit will review and schedule time details for registered group on Friday afternoon on Faculty’s website.

+ The self – study time for each technique is an hour.