The Center for Training and Fostering of Medical Staff was established in 1989. At the same time, the Department of Patient Care was also found with the number of instructors about 20. The training courses in this period were for primary nurses, intermediate nurses, midwives, and physicians.

  • 19/11/2009 the Department of Care of Patients was renamed the Department of Nursing – Midwifery, including 4 divisions:

+ Division of Fundamental Nursing

+ Division of Clinical Nursing

+ Division of Community Health Nursing

+ Division of Midwifery

There were about 30 instructors. The training subjects in this period were primary nurses, intermediate nurses, and midwives. The direction in the following years was training B.Sc. in Nursing.

  • In 2010 The Falcuty was assigned by the University’s Management Board to train formal B.Sc. in Nursing.
  • 27/7 /2011: The Falcuty of Nursing and Medical Technology was created comprising 8 Departments:

+ Department of Fundamental  Nursing

+ Department of Clinical Nursing

+ Department of Community Health Nursing

+ Department of Midwifery

+ Department of Laboratory Medicine

+ Department of Physiotherapy

+ Department of Medical Imaging Technology

+ Department of Pre-clinical Medical Skills

  • In 2011 the Faculty was given permission to run the program Bachelor of Nursing in service. In September 2011, the Ministry of Health authorized the Faculty to train the specialty program Nursing Level I.
  • 30/05/2012, the department of Nursing Administration was established by decision number 939/QĐ- ĐHYPNT and it is now 1 of the10 departments of the Faculty.
    08/10/2013, the Department of  Anesthetic Nursing was established by Decision 2026/QĐ – TĐHYKPNT.

Photos of the Leaders of the Department of Nursing during periods: